Friday, January 1, 2010

Why Blog?

Several New Year's resolutions have led me to this blog. One is to organize and record my favorite recipes so my children and my nieces and nephews will have them (if and when they want them) and so I can find and sort through them more easily and to be more efficient when a friend asks me for one. I have files and piles of papers with recipes, some handwritten, some typed, some from newspapers, in addition to shelves of cookbooks and magazines. Last week someone requested my chocolate mocha cookie recipe. I found it very quickly for I had baked them recently, hence the request, but the ink on the paper was so faded it was barely legible anymore, especially to someone who hasn't mixed that batter a hundred times already and the paper was a bit brittle (not that I am that old) so it was time to think about how to share my love of baking!

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