Friday, January 29, 2010

More cake decorating practice!

What's baking?
More practicing! Can you tell I like making the drop flowers?  The cupcakes are Brownie Cupcakes (click for recipe) from Joy of Baking with Wilton Classroom recipe for the Buttercream Frosting.   
My friend's birthday is today and she is driving to visit her son who happens to live near my daughter who's birthday just happens to be tomorrow so friend is taking a cake (photos later, after she gets it!) and some cookies (one of my daughter's favorites-chocolate mocha recipe from earlier post) with her for me to give to my daughter. And I made my friend a few cupcakes for the road! 

I signed up for another Wilton class, Course 3!  Having never worked with fondant, I am a bit intimidated by it, but am getting tired of flowers and hoping I can do something perhaps a little more architectural.   We'll see...

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