Sunday, January 3, 2010

Social media: more or less connected?

"Social media make you more social, more involved, not less" was the argument of this article Connected, not just online that I read with my morning coffee.  "People who use social media have larger, more diverse "discussion networks" - groups of people with whom they share important issues - than those who don't.  And social media users tend to be more, rather than less, involved in their communities."  Being a member of the boomer generation
and not having grown up with this technology, I feel a bit too old to be 100% comfortable with it, but one of my New Year's resolutions was to learn more by doing!  I do use my computer and it is often the first place I go to do research for a project or get ideas or to go shopping when it's too cold and windy out like today (even looked up the forecast online).  So, I am looking forward to eventually, I guess, through this blog, meeting others who share an interest in design and baking and we will be able to exchange thoughts, ideas and tips, and learn from each other!  Do you think your use of social media has made you more or less social?

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