Sunday, January 9, 2011

News from Afghanistan- cookies made it to Jon for the holidays!

Happy New Year! I wanted to thank everyone again who participated in Baking GALS this past year and am looking forward to more baking in 2011! We do not always hear from the troops after we ship cookies, but it is great when we do find out that boxes made it to them! What a nice way to start the new
year - my sister-in-law was part of our Baking GALS Team Sharing and Caring last month and she heard from Jonathan:
I got a lovely letter today back from 1st Lt. Jonathan Petkun dated 12/22 from Afghanistan
He said he and his marines are really enjoying the goodies. They don't get a lot of opportunities to recognize the holidays so getting gifts like this from home goes a long way to improving everyone's spirits. They enjoyed everything I sent, but he had to say the sugar cookie sandwich cookies (sugar cookies sandwiched with caramel and ground walnuts) were a "HUGE HIT!"(his words as written) He wished us all a belated happy hanukah, and said  "the marines and sailors of the 3rd light armored reconnaissance battalion. (or the lucky few who got to eat my cookies, anyway) are grateful for your support."
This is why we do this! Thanks, Cara, for sharing this and please tell us your sandwich cookie recipe! 
Please let me know if anyone else has heard from Jon or if you know someone serving overseas in a war zone that you would like to nominate to be a recipient of a Baking GALS team in a future round! Thanks.

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