Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baking GALS - Jon likes Cowboy and Carrot Cookies!

What's baking?
So for 'Team Caring and Sharing' Jon's family said that Cowboy Cookies and Carrot Cookies are two of his favorites. I had never heard of either! Carrot cake - yes, just made one last week, but to make it into a cookie? Ok, so I found a few recipes on-line, but most are sandwich cookies with cream cheese filling in between two cookies- not good for shipping! I did find these from Rachael Ray and Has anyone made these before or have a different recipe that they like? Not sure how long they will last and how they will hold up by the time they get to Afghanistan, but I'd like to try a batch.
As for Cowboy cookies, maybe it's a regional thing as no one in this area that I mentioned it to has heard of them. From a quick search it sounds like a chocolate chip cookie with oats, coconut and maybe pecans. Anyone familiar with Cowboy cookies or have a good recipe?
Hope you can join us. You can go to Baking GALS website and still sign-up during the shipping period, Dec. 1-18. Need more info or have any questions - see previous posts or let me know.
If you can't bake now, hope you will join us in a future round (Operation Baking GALS does this every month) or if you know a soldier who would love some love from back home, let us know about that as well! If you have any questions, let me know!
Happy baking!

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